Elias Game Plan App
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Now available on iOS and android devices
Direct from the experts at The Elias Sports Bureau — the world’s foremost sports historians and statisticians since 1913.
One Source of Truth
Your one source for all the data and insights you need for sports betting, building your fantasy teams, or just impressing your friends.
Clearly Presented
Clean graphics display data in easy-to-understand charts. Eliminate the noise and quickly view what’s most important to you.
Bet with Confidence
No more betting confusion. Learn about key betting terms so you can become a more confident bettor.
To be a better bettor, you need a better game plan.
We’ve got your back.
Injured star? High-scoring contest? The Elias Game Plan app shows you which factors can sway the matchup. Get pre-game analysis from the the world’s foremost statisticians and sports historians.
It’s a numbers game.
The Elias Game Plan app is your one source for accurate, current data. Find upcoming games, starting lineups and access team stats.
Earn your bragging rights.
Why be a fan when you can be a player? The Elias Game Plan app gives you the tools you need to become a better bettor. Want to know the difference between a spread and a moneyline bet? Our comprehensive glossary explains betting and sports terminology so you can bet with confidence.
Get in the game.
Elias makes it easy with streamlined online betting. Time-stamped spread movements help you stay on top of your bets. A direct link to DraftKings makes bet placement even simpler.
Get the best seat in the house.
We simplify the complex with clear visualizations. View team stats and spread movements in clear, easy-to-understand graphs. No need to scroll through rows of data to find the information you need. Spend less time searching and more time focusing on the game.
Get it all right at your fingertips.

Now available on iOS and android devices