Elias Game Plan App Subscription

The Elias Game Plan app is your one source of all the information you need to place your best bets and build your winning fantasy roster.

Elias Insights provide relevant pre-game research and analysis from the most experienced team in professional sports.

  • NFL, NBA, and MLB
  • Check player news, including injury reports
  • See “key injuries” that have the biggest impact on the outcome of a game.
  • View head-to-head team comparisons for each game
  • Check player news, including injury reports
  • Chat with an Elias Researcher
  • Personalize your app experience to view what’s most relevant to you.
  • Follow your favorite teams, players, or games and get notified with news and reminders.
  • Find upcoming games and complete team schedules
  • Access team game log, starting line up, and complete team roster
  • Access player season and career stats
  • Betting options, lines, and odds are presented in a clear format. Elias Game Plan eliminates guesswork with clearly labeled betting options.
  • A comprehensive glossary explains betting and sports terminology so you can bet confidently

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