Last Week In Sports: August 22, 2022

Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Last week featured the beginning of the WNBA playoffs and a big week in Major League Baseball. With the league’s best seeming to be getting better every day (with the exception of the New York Yankees), this playoff chase is going to be exciting as we get down to the wire.

MLB Team of the Week

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a better story in sports right now than what Albert Pujols has managed to accomplish recently? After looking all but certain to retire in the 680s or low 690s, Pujols has made his chase for 700 home runs must watch baseball. Not only is he nearing one of the most revered milestones in all of baseball, but he is doing so while sparking a Cardinals lineup that spent last week pulling off back to back sweeps of the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks, including hitting a grand slam on the 18th, a 13-0 Cardinals’ victory, and knocking out two home runs on the 20th, a 16-7 St. Louis win. This week’s MLB Team of the Week is the St. Louis Cardinals, because this guy gave me no other choice.

WNBA Team of the Week

Photo: Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

After honoring an MLB legend on the MLB side, it only feels fair if I give the same treatment for my WNBA Team of the Week, so that honor will go to Sue Bird and the Seattle Storm. Seattle pulled off a quick 2-0 sweep of the Washington Mystics, with Bird playing a pivotal role in her team’s success, including collecting 18 points and 10 rebounds while knocking down four of six three point attempts in the second game of the series. A four-time WNBA champion already, one last ride for one of the greatest players in history is going to continue to be must-watch basketball. Sue Bird forever. (Breanna Stewart, you were also awesome this week.)